• Rethinking the Museum

      The CSMVS in Mumbai confirms its engagement with a new kind of museological show with the present exhibition Conserving the Collection: The Caring Path for 5000 Years of our Art. A review by Gayatri Sinha

    • Propositioning the World: Raqs Media Collective and the Shanghai Biennale

      Maya Kovskaya in conversation with Raqs Media Collective on curating the 2016 Shanghai Biennale and how it fits into their curatorial practice.

    • Interview

      With the upcoming show of Praneet Soi in Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, Charu Maithani discusses the inspiration, experiences and processes behind his works.

    • Through the eyes of a Renaissance woman
      by Georgina Maddox
      The exhibition at the National Museum looks back at Alice Boner, a Swiss artist and scholar who chronicled India through her writings and art.


    • Art of Satyen Ghosal
      by Manohar Kaul
      Manohar Kaul charts the artistic growth of Satyen Ghosal through his body of work.

    • Sunil Madhav Sen
      by P.F. Billimoria
      P F Billimoria maps Sunil Madhav Sen's growth as an artist who dabbled in varied styles in the course of his creative journey.

    • The World Through the Camera
      by Krishna Chaitanya
      Krishna Chaitanya draws focus on improving the quality of photography through informed choices.

    • Landscapes Seized with Passion
      by Pran Nath Mago
      P N Mago sheds light on Bhabhesh Sanyal's landscape paintings.


    • The great temple of the Hoyasalas
      by Cyril G.E. Bunt
      The author gives a short account of the great Hoyasalesvara temple at Halbid, the Dorasamudra of the inscriptions, and the ancient capital of the Hoyasala kings.

    • Some images of Brahma of Chola period
      by O.C. Gangoly
      The Chola images of Brahma, which may be studied in three distinct groups, follow a clearly differentiated stylistic convention, with a strong affinity to the style of the Bronze figures.

    • Periyapurana scenes in the Darasuram temple
      by P.V. Jagadisa Ayyar
      The temple is dedicated to Siva. The walls surrounding the sanctum are in relief scenes from the life history of Saiva devotees of Periyapurana.

    • The Sun God of Konark unearthed
      by Pranakrushna Samal
      Iconographic review of a headless stone image unearthed in the town of Cuttack in 1932.


    • A Women’s Movement
      by Sarala Devi
      Sarala Devi writes about the origin and growth of the Bharat Stree Mahamandal during the British rule in India.

    • Modern Education of the Hindu Woman
      by Abala Bose
      Abala Bose highlights the importance of education for Indian women in the early 20th century.

    • Woman in Rigveda
      by S.M. Srivastava
      The article details the position of honour occupied by women in the Rigvedic Hindu social organisation.

    • Women in Ajanta Caves
      by Wahida Aziz
      "The extraordinary charm of Ajanta painting lies in the fact that the artists have used woman as a principal motif in their decoration." observes Wahida Aziz.



    • Part nine - 2000 onwards

      With the shift towards the DSLR camera from the SLR film camera, the ability of the photograph to digitally reproduce itself assumes a new dimension. Photography becomes a continuum in the practice of performance and video art and covers a range of subjects that include gender and ecology.

    • Part eight - 1980 to 2000

      During these decades photography actively intersects with the domains of art. The photograph also becomes a medium to disseminate mass culture through advertising and entertainment. At the same time a generation of reputed photojournalists emerge, who document events in India’s volatile space.

    • Part seven - 1960 to 1980

      During the 1960's photographers in India were confronted with unexpected changes. The more settled aspects of nation-building – large dams and state run factories, and the Green Revolution, were offset by wars, the ravages of food shortages, and the nation's effort to lift itself out of poverty.

    • Part six - 1940 to 1960

      The 1940's mark India's tumultuous crossover from colonial rule to Independence. Images were commissioned to document the nation's leaders, the newly formed industries, public works projects and cultural activities. Cinema photography in the hands of specialist studios brought in the era of romance.